Dabwoods has grown from a passion and efforts of crown genetics who is  widely known in the industry for having premium OG flowers as well as awrardwinning flower and concentrates in south california. With a team of passionate professionals, We are experienced organisation with roots in the cannabis industry ,quality control management, hardware manufacturing, customer experience, and development strategies to ensure our products are always on the leading edge of innovation.We have have established a wide quality control and supply chain management standards to ensure consistency, quality and good customer relationship. We strive for future expansion to other product line. we bring to you a new cannabis culture.

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Dabwoods Wholesale

Dabwoods Wholesale



We have the most pleasing and beautiful cartridges among others. You may also want to try  cake disposables and buddies carts. they got awesome flavors. Our device is also has a smooth and glossy wooden tip. Furthermore, we got various premium flavours which include,Blue Dream,Blue Raspberry,Slushee,Sour Diesel,SFV OG,Biscotti,King Louie OG,Watermelon Z,Georgia Peach,Moonwalker Purps,Mothers Milk and many other amazing flavors.

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We believe we are nothing without our customers and our loyal community. With all the years of Investigation, Experimentation, Testing, Exploration and Analysis to bring the best vape cartridges to the market, It will be worth nothing if  the very people we want to please are not satisfied. We take into substantial concern to make sure our customers are satisfied with our products and service.


Whenever you fine any worries, doubt or question. our team members, service agents are here to help provide real-time support for whatever issue you may have.


With the United States Art Security ( USAS ). We make sure, all informations collected from our customers are safe and securely held with the best encryption. We only collect the necessary information needed to provide you with the best and outstanding service.

what our clients say

Dabwood Carts is by far the best online ordering shop for your dabwood products. They got wonderful selection, great products and services. I have ordered a number of times. Shipping and quality of the product was great.

Thanks guys will order more in future.

Annastacia Melin / CA

I like the website design. Ordering was a smooth process. I choose you guys to be my regular supplier. AWSOME!!

Josh Brooks / LA

Best products so far!! I am happy I discover you guys… Keep innovating.

Rayn / CA

Enjoying dabwoods disposable vape pen

The wait is over, as Dabwoods Disposable has released its new, cutting-edge vape pen. perhaps on a hike, at a carnival, at a party, or outside with friends.

Dabwoods Disposable introduced the Advanced Pod System.

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This Disposable will stay charged for hours with just one charge, and it’s even easier to type with the new type-c port. The new Advanced Pod System has a premium coating and a low battery indicator. We provide the best easy to use vape pen.

Quality and Convenience in One

At Dabwoods dispos, we believe excellence should never sacrifice any inconvenience. For this reason, we built the Dabwoods vape pen with both quality and vibe in mind. We only use the best stuff and methods to make our top-quality Dabwoods Dispo, and we build it to stay strong… But we’ve also made them simple to use and throw away, so you can enjoy vaping with live resin without needing to clean them.

Carefully Curated Flavors

Our dabwoods disposable vape pens come in different flavors, each made to give you a special vaping experience. Whether you like tobacco or fruity tastes, we’ve got something for you. We use only the best ingredients to make sure every hit is smooth and tasty.

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